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is a non-profit organization that was created on May 17, 2013. The purpose of the association is to promote the breeding of purebred miniature horses, to develop the breed and make it known. The association makes it possible to create a bond of friendship between breeders and to participate in exhibitions to compare subjects. Having an association also allows us to organize clinics with an experienced monitor and allow breeders to have visibility on the market for horses for sale.

Interested in becoming a member?

Please complete the form and send it to

18, ch. Maple Hill  Green Island  QC  G0L 1L0


Board members



    Daniel Saindon


Daniel is a founding member of the association. He has owned miniature horses since the end of the 1990s. With his wife Sylvaine, he owns a breeding of 15 miniature horses. Daniel is very good with his hands; indeed he manufactures and modifies his own cars. He shares his passion for minis with his wife; which leads them to do several activities together including family celebrations, organized days, competitions, etc.



    Josee Lamarche


Josée realized her dream as a little girl in 2014 by owning her first miniature horse and thus starting her breeding. She currently owns 15 horses. His greatest passion; births and rub shoulders with these extraordinary little beings; spend time cajoling and educating them so that they become ideal companions and that they are close to humans without distorting them. Josée likes to participate in competitions accompanied by her greatest accomplice, her daughter Roxanne. 



    Sylvaine Lebel


Sylvaine is also a founding member of the association. She has the chance to share her passion with her husband Daniel. Sylvaine excels in harnessing and practicality with exemplary elegance. She regularly participates in exhibitions throughout Quebec. Happy co-owner of a breeding of 15 horses Sylvaine likes the miniature horse because it is a very affectionate animal.



     Chatcelle Matte


Chatcelle has realized her dream of living in the countryside with her husband, they have owned 1 Percheron for several years. They fell in love with the miniature horse in 2019.

Chatcelle and her spouse now have 2 miniature horses.

She loves to see her minis blossom, cavort and interact with each other.

His goal as a member of the CA is to make known the wonderful breed of miniature horses and to participate in several shows/expos in the years to come. 



   Isabelle Peanuts        Stepians


Isabelle is the owner of a mixed Appaloosa horse and 2 miniature horses. In the world of horses for 15 years, she now owns a boarding stable in Sherbrooke. Very present in the world of competition for the last 3 years. She is a new addition full of potential, and is dedicated to making miniature horses known to those around her.



   Mary Ann Sorella


Passionate about horses from a young age, in 2018 Mary Ann bought her first miniature horse. Since then, she has specialized in agility and driving with miniature horses. In 2022 she created an online store with the aim of providing a full range of equipment for miniature horses. Eventually she would like to be able to give her knowledge to people who are going through difficult times and teach them the joy of working with miniature horses.


Représentante pour la relève

Rosalie Ouellet


Rosalie est une amoureuse des chevaux depuis son enfance. 

Au fils des ans; elle a développé plusieurs connaissances et compétences avec sa pouliche Jade, qui lui ont permis de remporter plusieurs rubans lors des compétitions.

Elle possède son écurie qui compte 9 chevaux dont 5 miniatures avec sa jeune sœur Marylie.

Elle est aussi passionnée par la nature en étant acéricultrice et opératrice de machinerie forestière et d'excavation. Elle occupe également ses temps libres à faire de la zoothérapie en CHSLD et donner des cours d'équitation.

Rosalie aspire à posséder son propre manège et dresser d'autres chevaux miniatures pour les compétitions à venir.


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