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To know him better...

Its Appearance, Character and Use

    The miniature horse presents the exact proportions of a large horse, but in reduced size, conformation and gaits. It comes from a selection by the producers to reduce the size little by little without losing the paces and attitudes of the big horse. The miniature horse is always measured by the last hair of the mane, which is at the height of the withers. He must be 34 inches and under  for class A and 34 to 38 inches for class B. The average lifespan of miniature horses is 25 to 35 years.

    Naturally gentle, affectionate,  very intelligent and of an equal and available character makes it a wonderful companion for young and old alike.

​    With the little ones,  perfect for a first contact with the horse. They learn to care for it, maintain it, feed it, handle it and caress it in complete safety. ​ ​ When the child grows up, he can learn to harness it.  Since the miniature horse is very strong and has great stamina in driving and also has good working ability.  Everything is there to make it a perfect horse for young and old alike!

Miniature horse breeds

  • American miniature horse

  • Falabella

What can you do with a Mini?

  • breeding

  • Coupling

  • Hitched obstacle course

  • Agility course in hand

  • Jump in hand in height

  • Jump in hand in length

  • Working at Halter

  • Dressage

  • Zootherapy

  • Take part in competitions

  • Take part in parades

  • Take part in shows

  • Just be a pet

  • Ridden by children (Provided that the Mini has finished growing, around 3 years old and that the weight of the child does not exceed 30 kgs.  For rather beefy Minis. )

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