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Information  competitions for miniature horses 

                                   The ACMQC

Organize every  year  competitions in some Quebec Expos and not to forget  participation in Futurity, which is organized by Cheval Québec  which takes place in Sorel-Tracy every year for the past 3 years


Agility course in hand

Miniature horses must be shown in hand with a halter at the walk and trot. A Halter proof is a  event where the horse  is judged on its conformation according to the standards of its breed. Conformation refers to the physical appearance resulting from the arrangement of muscle, bone, and other tissues.


Is shown at a walk, slow trot, working trot and lively trot. The miniature horse should stand still and back up easily. He is judged on attitude, manners, performance, quality and conformation.

ayerscliff2017 275.JPG

Is a competition consisting in making the miniature horse evolve on an obstacle course under the guidance of the leader.


The association helps its members by reimbursing veterinary costs and costs for coggin test and influenza vaccine for a maximum of two horses.
To be eligible: *the animal must participate in at least two of the competitions recognized by the association (list below)
                 *Be registered in the name of the member with a recognized association
                 *Form and documentation requested duly completed
                 * Only new members and active members for over a year are eligible
Here is the form to request it:   click here to download the form
Note that the reimbursement will be made at the 2023 annual meeting



Expo Trois-Rivieres

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Dates:  July 7 to 16, 2022    

In the arena

July 14, 2022:  1 p.m.: Halter Judging
NB There must be 3 subjects per class otherwise grouping

2:30 p.m.: single hitch judgment on two-wheel cart

3:00 p.m.: Agility hitch cart two wheels

16 hours 30 min: Agility in hand

July 15, 2022: Evening show
Single hitch on two-wheel cart

July 16, 2022: Afternoon show and evening show
Single hitch on two-wheel cart

Parks should be available for horses.

Registration on the exhibition website:

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St. Hyacinthe Expo

Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Dates: July 28 to August 6, 2022   Programming  coming


Registration on the exhibition website:

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Expo Richemond,

Dates :    5 au 8 Septembre 2024

Jugement au licou: Vendredi 6 Septembre en avant-midi

Attelage en soirée

Attelage en après-midi Samedi 7 Septembre

Concours d'agilité : Dimanche 8 Septembre en avant-midi

Attelage Dimanche 8 Septembre en après-midi


Inscriptions sur le site de l'expo :

Voir les gagnants


Futurity 2022

Date: September 17 and 18     Programming  coming



Here is a reminder of the biosecurity requirements for horses:

*COGGIN TEST: a certificate valid for the current year (2021) for screening for equine infectious anemia is required for each horse present on the site:

1. the certificate for subjects under 6 months old accompanied by their mother is not compulsory, if the mother has one, valid for the current year (2021).

2. the valid certificate of the current year is obligatory for the subjects aged less than 6 months who are not accompanied by their mother.

VACCINATION: a vaccination certificate against rhino (herpes virus) and influenza is required for each horse on the site:

1. the primary vaccination (2 injections) or the booster vaccination must have been administered to the horse for more than 7 days and for less than 6 months from the date of the event.

2. the vaccination certificate for subjects aged less than 6 months accompanied by their mother is not compulsory if the mother has one that meets the criteria described above. 3. the vaccination certificate is compulsory for all subjects under 6 months who are not accompanied by their mother. For these foals, a first injection of the primary vaccination is sufficient.




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